The relocation mobility scan shows the mobility impact of your company relocation

Does your organisation have relocation plans? Is your lease going to expire soon and are you investigating a stay or go decision? Are you considering merging multiple offices? Or opening a new regional office or satellite office? MobilityLabel uses advanced calculations and analyses to map the associated changes and opportunities for commuting.

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You will gain insight into your total commuting, such as costs, travel methods, sustainability and vitality. Both from your current location(s) and in your new housing scenario. Fact-based and objective, based on accurate and current data. So current timetables, accurate routes and traffic jams. Because you can only build on facts.

Well prepared for the Works Council

In the event of an intended relocation, the first question of the works council is always: What is the impact of this on the travel time and possibilities of the employees? So be well prepared with a detailed analysis that answers the most important questions in one go!

Company specific

All analyses, results and visuals are company specific and unique for the characteristics of your organisation. Accessibility is strongly organisation-dependent: There is no such thing as generic “good accessibility”; what is an easily accessible location for one organisation is a bad one for another.

1. Provide locations

2. Get detailed commute impact of your office move

(and all underlying data)

  • current work location(s)
  • the new work locations to be assessed
  • the (postcodes) of the residential addresses of your employees

Did you know that a lot can be saved by taking a professional look at ‘mobility’ during a location survey? Don’t be blinded by real estate jargons such as ‘a stone’s throw from the highway‘ or ‘easily accessible by public transport‘, but research fact-based the mobility impact of a new business location for your organisation and your employees.

With our relocation mobility scan you can immediately see the impact of the proposed move, based on the commutes of your organisation, the residential addresses of your employees and your mobility policy. You gain insight and save, both travel time for your employees (talent retention), travel costs, and CO2 emissions.

With a well-chosen business location you kill three birds with one stone: the employee experiences less travel time and traffic jams, the employer experiences fewer travel costs and the environment has fewer emissions.

The answer to these types of relocation questions – and more – is available with the Location Comparisons of MobilityLabel:

  • Given the fastest travel method; what is the current total travel time of our employees?
  • And what is the travel time at the new candidate locations?
  • What is the average one-way travel time before and after the relocation?
  • How many employees will benefit in terms of travel time and how many will not?
  • How many commutes, for example, will increase more than 30 minutes?
  • What is the impact of commuting on our sustainability policy when we move to the new office?
  • For how many drivers would public transport at the new location be an acceptable alternative?
  • For how many people will public transport become attractive if we also consider the train-bicycle combination?
  • And what is the cycling potential of the different locations?

Getting started in 3 steps

Step 1: Request your quote

2. Fill in the template

3. Receive your location comparison

Request your quote at and state the size of your organisation and any details.

Fill in the input template and send it to

You will receive the detailed Relocation Mobility Scan within a week after submitting your file. This comes in the form of an English report in PDF format and all raw calculation data in Excel.


Based on number of employees

0-1.000 employees: € 2.500
1.001-2.000 employees: € 3.000
2.001-5.000 employees: € 3.500
5.000+ employees: on request

In addition to this report you will receive files with additional detailed calculations for each calculated location . This allows you to zoom in even further if desired and you can analyse the mobility impact of the proposed move down to employee level. It also gives you access to the ‘MobilityAnalyst’ tool for 13 months, which you can use to calculate and compare various scenarios of your mobility policy at these locations. MobilityLabel temporarily offers this service without additional costs. Click here to learn more about the MobilityAnalyst tool.

4 locations are included by default; the current location(s) plus 3 candidate locations. A surcharge of € 250,- applies for a 5th location. If you want to compare 6 or more locations, a surcharge of € 500,- will apply.

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