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on 29 April 2015

The newly launched meeting location planner Roudle helps to reduce travel time as well as CO2 emission.

This week has been launched. This new website determines the optimum meeting point for getting together with people from multiple locations, with minimal total travel time.


Even in a world where meeting online is becoming more and more used, it is valuable to meet in person now and then. Whether for business, such a following a training course, or for private meetings, the question ‘where to meet?’ often remains difficult to answer. Meeting in the wrong location can cause unnecessary travel time and travel costs, as well as get you stuck in a traffic jam and thereby causing unnecessary CO2 emission and other negative environmental impacts.


Roudle is a new Dutch start-up company that solves this problem: Enter the multiple locations of the travellers on and Roudle will show you the optimum meeting point (or more if they are of equal quality), based on actual travel times and distances and expected traffic congestion at the desired moment. The advise Roudle provides often surprises; your intuition often sends you in the wrong direction.



“Like most innovations, Roudle originates from a frustration”, says initiator Christiaan Rasch. “I wanted to meet up with people from Haarlem, Delft and Eindhoven and didn’t really know where to meet best. My intuition pointed me in the direction of Utrecht, but when I actually calculated the various distances everyone would have to travel to Utrecht, it turned out we could save about 20% of travel distance by meeting up in a different place. ” Developer Thijs Brentjes continues: “Apps or websites that can help solve this problem are virtually non-existing, even in today’s world. In the few cases they have been developed, these tools simply refer to the middle point on the map, not taking into account the complexity of the roads and real travel times. In some cases, it is better to meet in another place, or in one of the starting points of one of the travellers, or at a specific traffic junction. ”


Meeting smart

Roudle works in a simple way: The user chooses two to six starting locations. By using extensive traffic data and smart algorithms, within half a minute, the user is presented with the objectively best solution, not influenced by any sponsor or advertiser. Subsequently, Roudle assists in finding a suitable restaurant, hotel, or shared office in the vicinity of the optimal meeting point. A simple click is all you need to share the information with the other travellers and plan your meeting.


The team

Roudle was invented and build by a small team led by Christiaan Rasch and Thijs Brentjens. A few months ago they won the Smart Mobility Challenge of the province of Utrecht and with this price they have build Roudle. Together with the rest of the team, they will continue to evolve Roudle by adding various functionalities and possibilities, and expanding its availability throughout Europe and beyond.



Roudle started out as a tool for motorists, but in the near future public transport will be integrated as well, to enable you to also determine the optimal meeting point in case one or more travellers are using public transport instead of a car. Brentjens: “This summer we will also add traffic jam information. As a result, Roudle will advise a different meeting point on a Monday morning, compared to for instance a Wednesday afternoon. To achieve this functionality, we are currently adjusting our mathematical algorithms with large quantities of traffic information data from TomTom. This a complex job, but a very nice next functionality for Roudle.”


More information in English can be found at The planning service is freely available at At this moment we only support the Dutch Language.




Note for editors (not for publication): For more information you can contact Christiaan Rasch at

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