new release, new UX

on 7 June 2022

A new release of MobilityAnalyst went live this week!
Mobility scans have never been so clear, interactive and inspiring.

With this release, a completely new UI/UX has been introduced, with new navigation, buttons, use of colors, font, etc.

The main main changes are:

  • Fresh and professional look-and-feel with a clearer visual hierarchy. For example, the most important information is now the largest and context is always linked to the value in the same sentence (e.g.: ’72 company cars’, ’26 charging points’).
  • The use of color has changed: Turquoise is used to indicate the potential situation (it used to be the same blue color as the car color, which could be confusing), and gray to indicate the current situation. However, the use of color has remained the same for indicating matters relating to active transport (green), public transport (yellow) and cars (blue).
  • Adjusted various titles and texts so that the meaning is clearer, in addition, where possible, the meanings are depicted visually.
  • Indicators now have the same height and spacing to create visual calm and order. At the bottom of each indicator is a ‘more info’ button.
  • Created more consistency in the texts used.
  • New tab layout, now: ‘Summary, Travel method, Environment, Organisation, People, Region’.

All changes take effect immediately, also for all previously performed cases.

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