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MobilityLabel specializes in Commute Trip Reduction for large and medium sized companies. We support these organizations in quantifying and optimizing the mobility and office location policies. Our approach is fact-based, no-nonsense en DIY. MobilityLabel doesn’t provide long reports and paperwork. Our tooling, visuals and numbers do the math.

MobilityLabel started as a Netherlands based smart mobility provider in 2014, and has developed a number of interesting mobility optimization tools since then.

Smart Mobility Tools
Smart Mobility Tools

Our clients

The MobilityLabel team works for very diverse clients ranging from medium sized to large organizations, both in the profit, non-profit and government sector. The MobilityLabel services connect well with organizations that are working on sustainable mobility, as well with organizations working on efficiency improvements, mergers and relocations.

MobilityLabel works both directly for employers as well as through mobility advisers or real estate consultants.

Our team

The masterminds behind MobilityLabel’s Commute Optimizers are Christiaan Rasch and Thijs Brentjens. With their backgrounds in service design and experience in spatial ICT, they make up the core-team of the MobilityLabel services.

Thijs Brentjens

Thijs Brentjens

“With objective figures and bright visuals, it is easier to formulate appropriate mobility policy.”

Christiaan Rasch

Christiaan Rasch

“It is our goal to support organizations in making efficient and sustainable mobility choices with state of the art smart mobility solutions.”


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reduce CO2-emission and your employees’ commute by choosing smarter office locations

location analysis

MobilityLabel, the Office Location Optimizer

MobilityLabel offers a Office Location Optimizer that calculates the best possible enterprise location depending on the commutes of your employees with a choice of optimization focus on travel time and costs or a focus on CO2 reduction.

With this innovative tooling you’ll transform a list of your employees’ home addresses into a company specific heat map showing the attractiveness of every square kilometre as a potential new office location.

Like an energy label is a measure to see how efficient or environmentally friendly your office building is, the same way Mobility Label is a measure of the economy or environment-friendliness of an office location. It is a method to quantify and objectify accessibility and to find new office locations where employees experience less travel time and the company reduces its CO2 emissions. Finding the right office location is usually of greater impact on your overall environmental footprint then the sustainability characteristics of the building itself.

Below you’ll find screenshots that illustrates the flow of our approach in our location or mobility research based on actual travel time of your employees, customers or suppliers.

MobilityLabel method

three steps towards a lower carbon footprint and shorter commute:

  1. Our first step is always an analysis of your employees’ home addresses in relation to your current company location. Ideally, you provide us with details like the number of weekly office days per employee and the modality of the commute and we calculate the total travel times and costs from all these addresses to your current office locations.
  2. In the second step we’ll perform large scale calculations (usually some millions individual route calculations) and calculate for more or less every square kilometre (well, hexagons to be exact) the total travel time in case your office would be located in that position. That provides us with detailed and exact heat maps that show the attractiveness of a place or region as your new office location, based on objective mobility calculations: The greener a hexagon on the heat map is coloured, the better the location is – from a commute perspective. This way you can save huge amounts of time and money by making travel a more balanced and more important aspect of your location search. Of course other aspects can play a vital role in your enterprise location decisions as well, but when you’re reconsidering your current facilities, why not take mobility aspects as a serious aspect in that decision making?
  3. In the last step, together with our clients, we’ll choose the top 10 best potential locations out of the heat map and provide you with detailed exports on the exact travel times and costs of all your employees: individual and totalized, so you can easily make the best fact based decision.
    Our objective and evidence-based reports have supported location decision making in various Dutch organizations so far and have been used for balanced discussions with board members as well as works councils.
staff home locations, clustered

staff home locations, clustered

weekly commute, routemap details

weekly commute, routemap details

CO2 optimized office locations, heatmap (including CO2 labels)

CO2 optimized office locations, heatmap (including CO2 labels)

weekly commute, routemap

weekly commute, routemap

car dependency, heatmap

car dependency, heatmap

travel time optimized office locations, heatmap

travel time optimized office locations, heatmap

The above examples show you some of the finest output of a MobilityLabel project. Besides these maps and visuals we provide our customers with detailled reports with individual travel times, and distances for each of the current and considered office locations.

Although based in the Netherlands, we can provide calculations and solutions globally. Possibilities and available data sets can vary per country. If you want more information on our approach, our techniques or country specific possibilities or limitations, contact us.

We love to go the extra mile to save quite some of yours

reduce CO2-emission and your employees’ travel time by choosing smarter meeting locations


the meeting location planner and optimizer

Roudle is an online location planning tool for organizing meetings with people from different areas.

It’s a responsive web app that calculates the optimal meeting point based on 2 or more starting points and (optional) a desired meeting time and day. At this moment Roudle is based on transportation by car within the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. In the Netherlands we also include public transport. Specifications of our services may vary from country to country and depend on availability of standarized data sources like public transport time tables. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities in your region.

As a result Roudle shows the optimum meeting point (or more if they are of equal quality), based on actual travel times and distances and expected traffic congestion at the desired moment. The given solution is not influenced by sponsors, and lists all possible venues around the objective optimum that could host your meeting, whether it’s halfway between two cities, on one of your own branches or somewhere else in the middle: We’ll find the smartest place to meet.

Roudle is based on saving travel time, distances and costs, contributing to a reduction of traffic congestion and reducing CO2 emission and other environmental impacts of transportation: You travel less and have more time for your meeting. Roudle helps users find undiscovered places meeting locations, places to work and training venues and helps to share travel time and costs, supports alternative working practices and alternative workplace strategies, connects people and supports a larger behavioural change in travels.

Roudle on a desktop
Smart Mobility Solutions

About us

Like most innovations, Roudle originated from a frustration: Everyone knows the puzzle that you get when you want to meet up with a group of people; Do you meet up around Rotterdam, or were you thinking about Amsterdam, Brussels or The Hague? We made Roudle for you, and a little bit for ourselves, for making less kilometres, having less traffic frustrations and to contribute to a better environment.
Roudle’s ambition is to be the number one tool for location decisions and meeting planning. Whether it is to connect your country to it, expanding POIs , adding public transport routes or introducing smart meeting apps : Roudle can also help your organization create new customized services …

What else may we do for you?

The MobilityLabel team can deliver multiple custom-made services related to the question ‘where to meet?’, from turnkey native apps to web modules to integrate into your own corporate website. Delivered as you like, fitting to your target audience, message and brand style. These services are very well fitted for commercial businesses as well as (semi-) government organisations that are involved with mobility and reducing mobility issues.

Meeting Planner

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reduce CO2-emission and your employees’ travel time by choosing smarter meeting locations