MobilityLabel's tools support organizations with the right mobility choices and help reduce costs, avoid unnecessary travel time, sustainability, efficiency and talent retention.

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Meeting optimizers

What is the best place for your employees to meet, given their starting points? Save travel time, costs and CO2 by meeting at the right place.

Interactive mobility scans

What is the impact of a different mobility policy on the commuting of your employees? And CO2 emissions, travel costs, traffic jams, required parking spaces? What is the cycling potential of your organization and which public transport policy offers the most opportunities?

Relocation Mobility Scans

What is the impact of another office location on the commuting of your employees? What is the ideal new location for your organization?

This is MobilityLabel

Company Profile

MobilityLabel specializes in Commute Trip Reduction for large and medium sized companies. We support these organizations in quantifying and optimizing the mobility and office location policies. Our approach is fact-based, no-nonsense en DIY. MobilityLabel doesn’t provide long reports and paperwork. Our tooling, visuals and numbers do the math.

MobilityLabel started as a Netherlands based smart mobility provider in 2014, and has developed a number of interesting mobility optimization tools since then.

MobilityLabel: Smart Mobility Tools
MobilityLabel: leverancier van Smart Mobility Tools

Our clients

The MobilityLabel team works for very diverse clients ranging from medium sized to large organizations, both in the profit, non-profit and government sector. The MobilityLabel services connect well with organizations that are working on sustainable mobility, as well with organizations working on efficiency improvements, mergers and relocations.

MobilityLabel works both directly for employers as well as through mobility advisers or real estate consultants.

Our team

The driving forces behind MobilityLabel’s Commute Optimizers are Christiaan Rasch and Thijs Brentjens. With their backgrounds in service design and experience in spatial ICT, they make up the core-team of the MobilityLabel services.

Christiaan Rasch, founder MobilityLabel

Christiaan Rasch

“It is our goal to support organizations in making efficient and sustainable mobility choices with state of the art smart mobility solutions.”

Christiaan Rasch

Thijs Brentjens, founder MobilityLabel

Thijs Brentjens

“With objective figures and bright visuals, it is easier to formulate appropriate mobility policy.”

Thijs Brentjens

Max Mooij

Max Mooij

“I do believe, active travel is the solution to traffic problems, (mental) health issues and environmental issues. But I am only willing to enter a discussion on sustainable mobility, when facts are on the table.”

Max Mooij
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    Why MobilityLabel?

    Are our Unique Selling Points your Unique Buying Reasons?

    • Customer-oriented and customer-specific

      MobilityLabel calculates accurately what the actual accessibility of your office is for your employees. We do not believe in ‘good or bad accessibility’ in general, but we calculate your situation as accurately as possible and determine your savings potential with your policy parameters.

    • Objective and independent

      Our analyzes and reports are independent and not colored by interests other than yours. We are not a mobility solution or real estate advisor and do not advise on aspects other than accessibility.

    • Exact

      MobilityLabel does not work with general key figures, generic zip code tables or as the crow flies. We calculate all routes, travel options, congestion delays and timetables exactly.

    • Fact-based

      We do not write long reports, but let the figures, facts and visuals tell the story. In a clear intake we pay a lot of attention to clarifying the right starting points so that the results are mono-interpretable.

    • Flexible

      As versatile as our standard products are, the application possibilities are so versatile. Thanks to smart parameters and fine-tuning, there is hardly any mobility optimization that we cannot handle with our models and software.

    • Clear and competitively priced

      Our services are set up in an orderly manner, whereby we make sure that you as a client know what to expect. The rates for our standard products are competitively priced, as is customization.

    • No nonsense

      Our output is clearly visualized, contains little jargon and is largely self-explanatory. Partly for this reason, our output is used in many organizations to involve various stakeholders in decision-making, such as works councils and management teams.

    • Confidential

      We understand that relocation is often a sensitive topic, often related to mergers, acquisitions or reorganisations. It goes without saying that we treat your assignment and the data we need for this strictly confidential.

    reduce CO2-emission and your employees’ commute with the smart mobility tools of MobilityLabel

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